EAD Launches Climate Change-focused Level Of Enviro-Spellathon

EAD launches climate change-focused level of Enviro-Spellathon

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 02nd Nov, 2023) As part of the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has launched level 7 of its Enviro-Spellathon initiative, dedicated to the significant topic of climate change and titled “Planet Earth’s journey with Climate Change”.

Level 7 is dedicated to students aged 13 to14 and teaches them about climate change and how they can take action in their daily lives to combat its impact. It covers in detail the cause of climate change, the role of Green House Gases (GHGs) and the effects of climate change on temperature and biodiversity.

It also teaches students about the UAE and its global efforts regarding climate change, marine and terrestrial life and ecosystems, clean energy, greening the desert, green buildings and carbon sequestration. Most importantly it encourages youth to take action and includes short activities, so students can test their knowledge.

Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of Environment Information, Science Outreach Management Sector at EAD, said, “This year is a very important one for the UAE. Not only was 2023 declared the ‘Year of Sustainability’ by the President, but the UAE is also hosting the world’s largest climate forum – COP28. In addition, EAD launched the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy. With this in mind, we introduced a new level focused on climate change to our extremely popular Enviro-Spellathon to help students learn about this very important topic. It is vital they understand the threat posed by climate change and this proactive educational tool will teach them all about it, as well as the steps they can take in their daily lives to help mitigate its challenges. They are the ones who will feel its impact the most and who need to confront this daunting issue.”

The Agency pioneered the annual Enviro-Spellathon in 2001 across Abu Dhabi Emirate’s schools. Running every year since its launch, the programme promotes eco-literacy on local flora, fauna, and awareness about environmental issues among Abu Dhabi students through a structured academic exercise. The app is available for students aged between 4 and 13 years and can be downloaded on the app store for iOS, Android and Windows. It enhances language and vocabulary skills and instils sound environmental behaviour and ethics among youth to help create a more sustainable future.

A total of 91.7 percent of Abu Dhabi schools have registered for the programme, and 1,814,297 students have benefited from the exercise. The Agency also launched an interactive electronic version of the Spellathon in 2016, with a total of 4,450 Apple Store downloads and 13,340 downloads from Google Play recorded to date. The app is also available in Braille.