IPP President Announces Party’s Manifesto During First Power Show In Jahanian


IPP president announces party’s manifesto during first power show in Jahanian

Aleem Khan says they will provide free electricity to the consumers of 300 units, three marla land to the homeless people.

JAHANIAN: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 28th, 2023) Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) leaders on Saturday announced the party’s manifesto during the first power show in Jahanian, making heart-touching promises for the poor people and the farmers.

At the out of the jalsa [gathering], IPP Presiden Aleem Khan announced the party’s manifesto and its main features. He lashed out at Imran Khan, saying that he had promised to build 50,000,00 houses for the people but there was not even a single house in Jahanian. He said Buzdar was brought there in Punjab as a front man.

“Where is Buzdar now? He was just like a passenger who used to get money and hand it over to them,” said Aleem Khan while delivering his speech during the party’s first power show in Jahanian.

He said they would provide petrol against the half price to the poor public. He stated that they would also set minimum wage of Rs50,000 for the laborers. The IPP president said they would ensure free electricity to the farmers having at least 12 acres of land.

Aleem Khan also announced relief for every single union council. He said filtration plants would be installed in the entire area.

Free loan for the youths, he said, was also part of their manifesto while the women would be provided free training for their empowerment.

He also announced three-marla land for the homeless people and promised to build flats and apartments in the slum areas for the poor people.

“The IPP under the leadership of Aleem Khan will steer the country out of crises,” said Aleem Khan.

He tried to adopt the style and narrative of the PTI, calling his political rivals as thieves and dacoits—the same narrative which the PTI had before the general elections of 2018.

He asked the audience that whether they would vote to the “thieves”.

“Will you vote these thieves?,” he asked.

He advised them to shut their doors for them, so they could not come to them during the upcoming elections. He said that the PML-N ruled the Punjab for seven times and now once again they would come to the people, with a plea for the votes to get into the power corridors.

Jahangir Khan Tarin, the IPP chairman, said that they did not have just the slogans but have completed the home work. He said they did not believe in aggressive politics or narrative.

He criticized Imran Khan saying that when he became the prime minister they [the old members] were shown the door. He regretted that those people who were not familiar with the plan replaced them in the PTI.

“We believe in love and we will not consider the opposition parties as our enemies as they are also equally Pakistanis,” he added.

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a staff member who writes on politics, human rights, social issues and climate change.