Celebrating Two Decades Of Excellence, Emirates Auction Marks Another Success With 77-vehicle Auction

Celebrating two decades of excellence, Emirates Auction marks another success with 77-vehicle auction

(Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2023) DUBAI, 26th October, 2023 (WAM) – Emirates Auction celebrated a significant milestone at its 20th-anniversary auction, held on Wednesday evening at the Ras Al Khor Auto Market in Dubai. The physical auction, featuring 77 vehicles from various government agencies, banks, and companies, marked another success for the leading auction house.
The event attracted over 300 bidders, comprising a diverse group of companies, traders, and individuals of various nationalities.

The auction showcased a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars, hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. All vehicles underwent thorough technical inspections, adhering to best practices and ensuring quality and reliability for the buyers.
Omar Matar Almannaei, Executive Director of Emirates Auction, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the participants, acknowledging their competitive spirit and positive interaction. He highlighted the auction's success as a testament to Emirates Auction's leadership in organizing and managing both public and electronic auctions in the middle East.

He emphasized that the remarkable success of Emirates Auction underscores its adherence to the highest international standards in customer service, along with a diversified range of auction choices. “We are committed to ensuring public satisfaction and happiness while also meeting the expectations of our partners,” Almannaei said.
Highlighting the auctions' vital role in energizing the country's car trade sector, he lauded the intense competition and broad involvement from individuals, companies, and dealers.

This, he noted, is a clear indication of the auctions' importance and their effectiveness in providing customers with the opportunity to purchase vehicles at competitive prices, fulfilling diverse expectations and demands.
Participants commended the auction for its professionalism, organization, transparency, and dynamism. They appreciated the comprehensive vehicle reports and the smooth processes for registration and ownership transfer, facilitated by Emirates Auction.

Emirates Auction continues to run its online auctions with an average of 300 cars auctioned daily, five days a week. For more details and to participate, check out the Emirates Auction website and mobile app.
As a leading auction house in the Middle East, Emirates Auction has established itself as the largest platform for public and electronic auctions. It specializes in vehicles, license plates, real estate, asset liquidation, distinctive mobile numbers, jewellery, heritage items, heavy machinery, construction, and manufacturing equipment.