Dubai To Host 10th IFM Conference And Exhibition On October 31st

Dubai to host 10th IFM Conference and Exhibition on October 31st

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 25th Oct, 2023) Dubai is set to host the 10th edition of International Family Medicine (IFM 2023) Conference and Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre, starting from October 31st to November 2nd.

The event is expected to attract 4,000 visitors from 52 countries to witness a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge about Primary Healthcare (PHC).

With over 50 leading brands participating in the exhibition, IFM 2023 is set to be a diverse and comprehensive experience for participants, giving insight into the future of medical practice through advanced technology. Additionally, more than 50 international experts will deliver 36 scientific sessions and share their expertise on topics such as the future of aging and longevity, diabetes control, mental health, wound healing, and much more.

Amb. Dr. Abdulsalam AlMadani, Executive Chairman of IFM, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming 10th edition of IFM 2023, stating, "As we celebrate a decade of progress with IFM in the UAE, we stand united in our commitment to elevate primary healthcare. As family physicians, we champion comprehensive well-being for all. This year we anticipate engaging in cutting-edge research and discussions to shape the future of family medicine. Our journey is just beginning, and the possibilities are boundless. With gratitude to all who've been part of this journey, let's stride boldly into the future, advancing healthcare for all communities the world."

IFM 2023 features a rich conference programme, encompassing current medical trends, innovative solutions to healthcare challenges, and forward-looking perspectives on Family Medicine. The agenda includes health promotion, prevention strategies, guidelines, and efforts to improve accessibility and equality in healthcare and medical services.

Dr. Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Conference Chairperson of IFM, commented, "IFM 2023 heralds a transformative experience, spotlighting innovative treatments, digital healthcare services, and pioneering technologies for superior patient outcomes. This monumental 10th edition, healthcare leaders will converge for excellence and explore the frontiers of medical advancement, forging a path towards a healthier, more resilient future for all."

International Family Medicine is organised annually by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Org. Est. - a member of INDEX Holding; and is supported by the UAE Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority, Global Family Medicine Scientific Alliance.

IFM 2023 is also supported by global healthcare associations, including the Association of Family Medicine and General Practitioners, Dubai sports council, Gulf Association for Family Medicine, Iraq Family Physician Society, Global Family Medicine Scientific Alliance, Anti-smoking International Alliance, the International Hospital Federation and the International Family Medicine Conference.