UAE Embassy In Türkiye Participates In 20th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit

UAE Embassy in Türkiye participates in 20th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 24th Aug, 2023) The UAE Embassy in Ankara, in collaboration with the Consulate General in Istanbul, participated in the 20th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit, which took place at the Expo for Health Care and Health Tourism in Istanbul.

The event was organised by the Turkish-Arab Countries business Association (TÜRAP), with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade.

Saeed Thani Al Dhaheri, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Türkiye, delivered a speech during the opening ceremony, emphasising the depth of relations between the two countries, which are commemorating the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations this year with the two sides keen to explore new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation across various fields of mutual interest.

He stressed the growth prospects for the medical tourism sector in the UAE, highlighting that the country has become a key destination for this field, with exceptional facilities, a specialised workforce, and dedicated efforts towards further advancement. Moreover, he highlighted the opportunities available and facilities provided by the UAE to investors in this regard.

The UAE Embassy in Ankara participated with an exclusive pavilion, where informational materials about medical tourism in the UAE and the UAE's investment opportunities in this sector were available.