US Arms Firms Received $9.7Bln So Far To Replace Weapons Sent To Ukraine - Reports

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 02nd August, 2023) The US defense contractors have received nearly $10 billion in new Department of Defense weapons orders to replace systems sent as aid to Ukraine, US media reports said.

The Defense Department has currently used $9.7 billion to replenish its depleted weapons and ammunition stockpiles, out of a total $26 billion already approved for that purpose by the US Congress, Bloomberg news said on Tuesday in a report citing official Defense Department figures released on the same day.

Lockheed Martin is already getting almost $2.3 billion of a potential $6 billion committed to it as well as $1.4 billion out of an eventual total $1.9 billion more for its joint venture with RTX , previously known as Raytheon Technologies to refill its arsenal of Javelin anti-armor weapons, the report said.

Lockheed is also going to receive $1.4 billion of a potential $5.2 billion to replace guided missiles for the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), the report said. RTX will get another $844 million to replace the Patriot PAC-3 MSE anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems that have been sent to Ukraine, it said.

RTX will get $581 million of a potential $624 million to replace US armed forces supplies of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Congress also has appropriated $18.6 billion to provide for Ukraine's long-term defense needs. So far, $7 billion of that money has been obligated to US companies, the report added.

RTX has Pentagon commitments for $1.2 billion of a potential $1.4 billion to supply Ukraine with its long-range NASSAM air defense systems. General Dynamics and other contractors companies will receive $901 million out of a likely $1.4 billion to supply Kiev with more 155mm howitzer ammunition, the report said.