Russian Defense Ministry Says Destroyed 4,845 Foreign Mercenaries During Special Operation

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 10th July, 2023) Russian defense ministry said on Monday that a total of 4,845 foreign mercenaries have been destroyed during the special military operation, while another 4,801 mercenaries escaped from Ukraine.

"As of June 30, the destruction of 4,845 foreign mercenaries in the course of hostilities, the vast majority from the United States, Canada and European countries, has been reliably confirmed," the ministry said, adding that 4,801 foreign fighters escaped from the territory of Ukraine after mistreatment from Kiev.

A total of 2,029 mercenaries continue to fight on side of Ukraine military, the ministry said.

"Since February 24, 2022, a total of 11,675 foreign mercenaries from 84 countries have officially arrived in Ukraine to participate in hostilities on the side of the Ukraine armed forces. The largest number of mercenaries arrived in Ukraine in March-April 2022, but after the first losses suffered, the dynamics of their arrival sharply decreased," the ministry said.

Most of the mercenaries arrived in Ukraine from Poland, the statement said.

"The most numerous groups came from Poland (more than 2,600 people), the US and Canada (900 or more people), Georgia (over 800 people), UK and Romania (700 or more people each), Croatia (more than 300 people), as well as from France and the Turkish-controlled part of Syria (200 or more people)," the statement read.

Kiev stepped up recruitment of mercenaries in Asia, Latin America, middle East, as well as US and Canada that is facilitated by the CIA and private military companies under its control against the backdrop of a fail of the new wave of mobilization, the ministry concluded.