Mohammad Hafeez Offered Multiple Job Offers In PCB


Mohammad Hafeez offered multiple job offers in PCB

The latest reports suggest that Hafeez has expressed his appreciation to Ashraf and conveyed his enthusiasm for contributing to the advancement of Pakistan cricket.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 7th, 2023) Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee newly-appointed Chairman Zaka Ashraf on Friday made multiple job offers for Mohammad Hafeez with multiple employment opportunities.

Their meeting took place at the PCB headquarters in Lahore, where Hafeez extended his congratulations to Ashraf on his recent appointment as the head of the PCB.

During their discussion, Ashraf offered Hafeez two significant roles: the position of Pakistan's chief selector or an important position in the National Cricket academy.

Hafeez expressed his appreciation to Ashraf and conveyed his enthusiasm for contributing to the advancement of Pakistan cricket. However, he requested some time to consult with his family and friends before making a final decision regarding the offered positions.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Hafeez emphasized his dedication to bringing positive changes to the PCB. He stated that serving Pakistan cricket would be an honor for him, as long as he is granted respect, authority, and the necessary support to fulfill his responsibilities.

Hafeez clarified that his motivation stems from a genuine desire to elevate Pakistan cricket rather than financial gain. He also commended Ashraf as a respected administrator and expressed his gratitude for the employment opportunities presented during their meeting.

Recent changes in the PCB management committee resulted in the departure of Najam Sethi and the appointment of Zaka Ashraf as the new chairman. As a consequence, the position of Chief Selector, previously held by Haroon Rashid, is now vacant, and a new appointment will be made in due course. Haroon Rashid confirmed to Cricket Pakistan that he is no longer associated with the board in any capacity.

There have been reports suggesting that other prominent figures in Pakistani cricket, including former captain Younis Khan, Mohsin Hassan Khan, and Saleem Yousaf, are also being considered for roles within the new structure. It is worth noting that while Shoaib Akhtar's name was discussed, Zaka Ashraf ultimately decided not to offer him a position in the PCB.

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