US Administration Makes Attempts To Disrupt Arab-Syrian Normalization - Russia's SVR

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 03rd July, 2023) The US administration is doing everything to disrupt the process of normalization between Syria and other Arab nations, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said on Monday.

"The (US President Joe) Biden's team is doing everything to disrupt the Arab-Syrian normalization, to discredit the leadership of Syria. For this purpose, provocations are being prepared, including with the use of chemical poisonous substances," the SVR said in a statement.

According to the SVR, the US handed over "missiles with warheads filled with poisonous substances" to the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, banned in Russia) terrorist organization in southern Syria. Deputy Commander of the US Central Command, Vice Admiral James Malloy is responsible for IS operations in southern Syria and the Damascus region, the SVR added.

"According to the information available in the SVR, the technique of their use was practiced in May in the Syrian province of Idlib by militants of the CIA-controlled local wing of Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), the Hurras al-Din group, as well as extremists from the Islamic Party of Turkestan (banned in Russia). About 100 civilians were poisoned back then," the statement read.