Global Village Tops List Of Most Visited Destinations In UAE

Global Village tops list of most visited destinations in UAE

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 21st Jun, 2023) Global Village, one of the largest cultural parks in the world and a leading family destination for culture, entertainment, and shopping in the region, has topped the list of most visited destinations in the UAE. This is according to a new report by YouGov, a research and consulting firm.

The report, which surveyed 2,000 people from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, found that Global Village attracted the largest percentage of visitors to recreational destinations in the region during the past 12 months.

The report also found that two out of every five people surveyed chose Global Village as their preferred destination for entertainment, culture, and shopping. This reflects Global Village's status as a leading family destination in the region.

In its last season, Global Village welcomed 9 million visitors. The park's 27 pavilions showcased more than 90 different cultures from around the world, and it hosted more than 40,000 performances by over 40 nationalities. Visitors also enjoyed more than 175 rides, entertainment destinations, shops, and restaurants through more than 3,250 outlets.

Earlier this month, Global Village announced that it would be extending its 28th season for a week. The park will now be open from 18th October, 2023 to 28th April, 2024.

Global Village continues to raise the standards of the entertainment and culture sector in the region. The park offers its visitors a variety of unique experiences, including rides, performances, shops, restaurants, and fireworks displays. Global Village is a great place for families to enjoy beautiful moments and memories that will last a lifetime.