Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies Protecting Country’s Fabric From Proxy Wars: Experts

By Dr Saeed Ahmad Ali:

Our military forces and intelligence agencies were fighting against the internal and external challenges and elements involved in trying to demoralise, destabilise or harm our beloved country, would not be tolerated.
This was stated by the experts on Wednesday while talking to APP.
“We stand with our armed forces and intelligence agencies that are on their toes to protect the country’s fabric from fifth generation and proxy wars, being staged in Pakistan by international players,” they said.
It may be mentioned here that on May 9, 2023, workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started violent protests across the country while ransacking public and private properties, after the arrest of party chairman Imran Khan.
The violent mobs burned the Lahore Corps Commander’s residence (Jinnah House), military memorials, and public and private properties.
Talking to APP, former senator of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sehar Kamran said that "due to the sacrifices of our military forces and intelligence agencies we are able to defeat miscreants and enemies".
The nations cannot forget their martyrs as they were sacrificing their present for the future of their people, and the sacrifices made by the soldiers of Pakistan's armed forces were unprecedented in history, she added.
"All that we need is a mindset to strengthen our youth against the fourth and fifth generation warfare and their effects, and educational institutions are the best platform to protect them from this menace", she said while replying to a query.
She said that "being a united nation, we should be careful with our approaches towards our military institutions because one wrong step would weaken the whole system and can help our enemies".
Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) chief Maulana Tahir Ashrafi said that the Ulema and Mashaikh of the country were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces and all security institutions for the protection of the motherland.
He advised that "we should not be divided on political or religious grounds and should always support the truth". He said that in this era, instead of war, the enemies were trying to weaken the country by creating a lot of conspiracies but luckily failed in this regard.
The people of Pakistan were the strength of the armed forces of Pakistan and any effort to create a wedge between the Army and the ‘people of Pakistan’ was simply an act against the state which could not be tolerated under any circumstances, he explained.
"I salute the families especially the mothers of the martyrs who from childhood prepare their children for martyrdom in the defense of the motherland", Ashrafi reiterated.
Noted scholar and member of the Islamic Ideological Council Dr Mufti Umair Mahmood said that Pakistan was made in the name of islam and it was here to stay. The Pakistan Army was our state institution which was maintaining peace and keeping the country safe from all external and internal enemies.
"Our brave armed forces had an unprecedented wide range of experience to deal with any aggression and the entire world can learn from Pakistan to cope with the menace of terrorism", Dr. Umair Mehmood said.
"We are living in a free and independent atmosphere due to the heavy sacrifices of our martyrs", he said and reiterated that the sacrifices of martyrs and services of Ghazis were the nation’s capital of pride and valuable asset.