Girl Harassed By Mid-aged Woman In Karachi

Girl harassed by mid-aged woman in Karachi

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News - 30th june, 2016) : A young woman was pestered for her ‘unsuitable dressing’ by a woman roughly between 40s to 50s outside Agha’s Supermarket in Clifton on Sunday. Girl refused to reveal her identity and explained that she was leaving the supermarket when an unknown lady of middle age approached her and asked her if she was a foreigner. When she answered “No”, she again asked that if she was Muslim or not.

“I hesitantly said I am and immediately followed it by asking what if I wasn’t?” she wrote in a Facebook post that has become viral since Sunday. According to her that lady told her that she should be ashamed of herself about her dressing. She wrote she was wearing full sleeves shirt and loose pants especially during Ramazan. “I told her if her lecture was finished she should leave and then ignored her,” she wrote, adding that the woman continued bothering her.

She explained more, that lady told her that girls like hers wearing no cloths was a threat to her husband, sons and brothers, she had obligation to point out her flaws. She added more that she knew her vehicle registration number and now who would help her. Old lady kept bothering her and touching her while talking irrespective of her warnings. She warned her to call the police so she finally backed off. Girl noted her vehicle registration number hoping to pursue legal action against the woman.

She complained to the police and they were able to track down the suspect woman and called her to the police station. While the woman did not show up, her husband, who was a gentle, decent and educated compared to his wife, came and apologized for his wife’s behavior. He maintained on wrapping up the issue agreeably. Girl agreed to negotiation on the condition that the blamed woman come and apologizes to her. Else she would register FIR against her.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the man brought his wife to the police station. She claimed her earlier encounter with the girl and apologized orally. She refused, however, to give a written apology. “I apologize for the incident that happened yesterday,” the woman jotted on a piece of paper when police asked her to do so. Girl insisted that the matter has been resolved politely and she does not want to highlight it further. tv artist Anoushey Ashraf, who is friends with her shared with The Express Tribune that her friend handled the matter in the best way possible as no one has a right to force his/her beliefs onto someone else. “We want to live in a free country,” she said.