Tawam Hospital Completes Endoscopic Orbital Surgery For Hemorrhagic Tumour Removal

Tawam Hospital completes endoscopic orbital surgery for hemorrhagic tumour removal

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 13th Mar, 2023) Doctors at Tawam Hospital, part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the biggest healthcare network and a subsidiary of the PureHealth Group – the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform, have successfully removed an intra-orbital cavernoma (hemorrhagic tumour located within the eye inside the muscles cone) using an endoscopic approach via the nose and without incisions.

The Neurosurgery team, led by Dr. Mohammad Al Asha, consultant Neurosurgeon – Skull Base and Neuroncology at Tawam Hospital, performed an endoscopic removal of the tumour through the patient’s nose after the patient was initially presented with progressive bulging of the eye and signs of early visual deterioration.

His scans showed a hemorrhagic lesion within the orbit (eye socket) stuck to his optic nerve which would normally warrant an extensive and risky surgical opening of the orbit to remove the tumour.

Elaborating further on the unique and complex procedure, Dr. Al Asha said, “The case was complex, given that the lesion was stuck to the patient’s optic nerve and inside the cone created by the muscles surrounding the eyeball. With the expertise and experience of our talented doctors, we managed to isolate the eye muscles preoperatively using special sutures tied around individual muscles, identify individual muscles and planning the surgical approach through a narrow corridor between the eye muscles using pure endoscopic approach through the nose. Following the success, we are glad that the patient’s eye returned to its normal position and his vision recovered fully within a few weeks postoperatively. I am extremely proud of the team who performed the surgery. Only a few centres across the globe offer this service.”

He added, “Our team at Tawam Hospital is well-trained and equipped to deal with the most complex and risky brain tumours using minimally invasive techniques with excellent outcomes. Our results are comparable to those of the best international neurosurgery centres around the world."

In his comments, Saeed Jaber Al Kuwaiti, Group Chief Executive Officer at SEHA, commented, “We, at SEHA, are proud of our robust healthcare ecosystem and talented and world-class healthcare professionals. The successful surgery is a testimonial of our efforts to provide a niche healthcare system that enables people to live longer, healthier, and fuller lives. We will continue to elevate the UAE’s healthcare sector and enhance its position as a global hub for health and well-being.”