Meera Maintains Positive Thoughts Towards Everyone


Meera maintains positive thoughts towards everyone

The Baji actor has said that she does not have personal enmity and grudge with anyone including Mahira and Reema.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 4th, 2023) Lollywood actor Meera has said that she always maintained positive thoughts towards everyone, even Mahira and Reema.

In the latest interview on “Super Over”, the Inteha actor has ruled out of any personal animosity between them despite their differing opinions.

Meera has been involved in several disputes with the well-known personalities such as Saba Qamar, Mahira Khan and Reema Khan in her years long career

“I harbor no personal ill-will towards any person,” said the actress, pointing out that the disputes were only for public consumption.

“The social media users have ample free time to engage in negative activities from leaving hurtful comments about celebrities to spreading rumors,” she further said.

The Baji actor before ending the conversation stressed upon the importance of maintaining friendship within the industry.

“I don’t have friends when it comes to working,” said Meera, adding that there was competition in the industry.

“I always aim to be a formidable match for anyone competing against me,” she added.

Meera once had held Mahira Khan responsible for orchestrating a malicious campaign against her and claimed that she had taken away a major project from her that was originally assigned to her by Momina Duraid, according to the reports.

Meera and Reema had also exchanged heated words. She accused Reema of hurting her elbow and called her a sick woman.

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