Emporium Mall, An Addition To Lahore's Future

Emporium Mall, an addition to Lahore's future

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 30th june, 2016) : The Emporium Mall gives you a magnificent and fascinating experience way beyond your imagination and is a physical representation of city within a city. It is a submerging world far from the anarchy of daily life. It is exclaimed as the best example of future living in Pakistan’s cultural center Lahore. The Emporium mall is an enormous project initiated by country’s largest group Nishat which previously proved itself a successful business tycoon of Pakistan.

The project has be finalized and the mall is going to be inaugurated on 30th June 2016 in Johar Town, Lahore. Rapid progress in the merchandising sector in Punjab is endorsing expansion and leading to urbanization and increasing spending power of the consumers are powering evident investment in this sector across the Punjab. The progress of merchandising business is not only limited to large cities but it is flourishing small towns and urban areas as well.

Total estimates of Pakistan’s merchandise industry varies and to be worth billions of Dollars of sales per annum. Merchandise is the third largest zone of the economy after agriculture and industry, contributing about 18pc to GDP , the State Bank of Pakistan stated that from 2015 to 2011 merchandise sales increase to $133bn from $96bn. The project was completed under the collaboration of Gaurantee Engineers and Izhar Construction. The Emporium Mall is located next to International Expo Center in Johar Town Phase 2 Lahore which provides venue for trade exhibitions, events, seminars and fashion shows.

The Nishat Group has employed some international consulting services to work on this gigantic project pertinently for best results in its design, architecture and modern structure. Marcus Wilkins & Ali Naqvi, AHR-Global, UK (As Project Architects/Consultants), WSP, UK (As security consultants), Design Technique (As a Way Finding consultants, UK) and lastly Electrolyte (As lighting consultants, UK) gave their services to the group for achieving this goal.

Its artistically designed modern outlook gives a novel merchandise experience. It had three oversize floors, consisting of best international and local brands for people with delicate taste and style, along with selected restaurants to make your experience broad and remarkable. The mall also has dinners catering all occasions, nine-screen Cineplex, a zoo for children famous boutique hotel and a supermarket for all kind of grocery, shopping and utility requirements.

Mall has more than 200 local and international brands, 44000 expected visitors on daily basis, huge area of 114 kanals with more than 200,000 products. It is a remarkable addition to the cultural center of the country, Lahore. Chairman of Nishat Group Mr. Mian Mohammad Mansha, who is the who recently in his statement said, “With the aim to regenerate consumer vitality and introduce a premium retail experience to Pakistan, the Nishat Group is proud to showcase the country’s most ambitious retail complex, The Emporium Mall. This landmark project is set to change the commercial face of the city and make it a retail destination of choice for people across the country and indeed, the region.”