Sanam Jung Shares Teaser Of Her Upcoming Show “Pyari Mona”


Sanam Jung shares teaser of her upcoming show “Pyari Mona”

The actress who has the leading role has focused the “body shaming” and “tough beauty standard” of the society.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 17th, 2022) Renowned tv star Sanam Jung has shared a teaser of her upcoming project “Pyari Mona” for Hum TV.

Pyari Mona is all about character of “Mona”—a plus-sized woman facing the society’s tough beauty standards.

Taking to Instagram, Jung has shared the first teaser of Pyari Mona and wrote, “Playing Pyari Mona was quite challenging not only as an actor but also because our industry has very stringent standards of how a woman should look, especially when she’s the lead.

Taking up this role was a conscious decision. As an actor we have some social responsibility to start uncomfortable conversations. Body shaming ails every strata of our society. Sadly, women are being judged all the time for the appearance, particularly weight. They are subjected to unkind remarks like “Kitni moti ho gayee ho”. It’s very traumatic emotionally and mentally,”.

She wrote, “As a woman too, i feel it’s my responsibility to call out these vain and cosmetic standards of beauty. No one judges a man as harshly for his weight. External appearance is no barometer to know a person’s seerat. Draw a parallel between soorat and seerat.

Girls as young as in early teens are under so much pressure from parents, peers, society that they are always watching their weight. It’s ingrained in them from childhood “no one will marry you if you become fat.” Major health ramifications too—anorexia, mental health.

The idea is to make the subject of body shaming, mainstream conversation. People should be made aware how people who don’t fit in the pre-established norms of appearances, suffer and why it’s important to not be judgmental. “My body, my wish.”

Yours truly, Pyari Mona,”.

In her message, the actress has also shared a challenge of “body Shaming” as well as the demand and challenge of entertainment industry.

The upcoming show is quite interesting as it has shed light over challenges, difficulties and taunts a woman of plus-size faces in the society.

Abdullah Hussain

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