Woman Cries For Justice Over Alleged Torture, Financial Loss During Police Raid At Home



Woman cries for justice over alleged torture, financial loss during police raid at home


Ayesha Zulfiqar, a resident of the factory area, says the police have not arrested the suspects even after 13 days of registration of FIR against them.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 24th, 2022) A woman on Saturday appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister to help her get justice against the police officials allegedly involved in torturing her and her family members including her husband, sister and two brothers over a financial dispute.

Ayesha Zulfiqar, a resident of Ghazi road, cried for justice, saying that Factory Area police registered FIR against the police officials and 25 others on instructions of the Lahore High Court but the suspects are still at large.

She said that her husband and two brothers were booked in fake cases and now they were declared as proclaimed offenders. She expressed these words while addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club.

Amna Salamat, Rehmat Ali and their neighbors including Syeda Nabeela Bukhari and Numan Ahmed were also present there.

Ayesha said the suspects are roaming freely despite that FIR registered against them, pointing out that it was really shocking for them as neither the police arrested the suspects nor the suspects secured any bail from any local court.

The appeal for justice came 20 days after registration of the FIR against the suspects including some police officials over a financial dispute between the woman’s family members and the police officials.

Ayesha said, “A group of 20 to 25 armed people; some of them in the plain clothes while others in the police uniforms entered into our house at mid night and took out Rs4.5 million from an Almirah,” adding that the suspects including Rana Zahid took out that amount from their room.

She stated they also took out 13 tola ornaments including 10 tola of her sister Amna from her room, and alleged that they tortured her, her sister Amna, husband Zulfiqar and brothers Malik Omar and Omair during the incident.

Another police official Mazhar Iqbal got Rs300,000 while Rana Zahid also got Rs1.5 million from them, she said while quoting the FIR during her presser. The woman said that a man namely Saif also took Rs2,600,000 from them.

“We paid Rs15,00,000 to Rana Zahid by selling our vehicle,” adding that they returned all the money back to the lenders but they forced them through different means and got more money than they had to get from them.

The women through some pictures also showed scenes of alleged torture on them and said that their businesses were ruined while their male members including her husband Zulfiqar, brothers Omar and Umar were declared proclaimed offenders.

She said the male members had gone disappeared from the scene and they did not know about their whereabouts.

She stated that their lives had been under threat as the suspects were influential and were roaming freely even after registration of FIR.

“They took ornaments, confiscated the cheques and extra money from them and got the thumb impression of her male family members forcibly on some papers during their custody,” said Ayesha, appealing to the authorities for Justice.

She said that there had been no sources of income left and they had fallen under huge amounts of debt.

She claimed that all inquiries conducted by the senior police officials were in their favour.

“We wonder as to why the police officials are not arresting the suspects,” said the woman, making an appeal to the Punjab Chief Minister to get them justice.

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a staff member who writes on politics, human rights, social issues and climate change.