Man Refuses To Bury Raped Daughter Till Justice


Man refuses to bury raped daughter till justice

The 12 years old girl was raped and murdered when she was home alone.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 22nd, 2022) A man whose 12 years old daughter was raped and murder in Zaman Town area of Karachi has refused to bury his daughter, demanding the authorities to provide him justice.

AbuTahir, the father, said he would not bury her body until the suspects were arrested.

According to a local private tv, Abu Tahir said that when he returned home from work he found door locked from inside. He said he jumped inside his house from a neighbour’s wall and found the body of his daughter hanging with the ceiling.

“The girl was alone at home as her mother had left the family in the recent past,” said the man.

He stated he did not have differences with anyone and criticised the police for not taking the matter seriously.

On Wednesday, a 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered by unidentified men in Korangi’s Zaman Town area of Karachi.

The Police said that the criminals murdered the girl by hanging her inside the residence. The elder sister went outside the home with her younger sibling when the incident took place.

The police surgeon said that torture marks were found on the slain girl’s neck. Police had formed a team to start the investigation.

Abdullah Hussain

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