Armeena Khan Up In Arms To Provide Aid To Flood Victims


Armeena Khan up in arms to provide aid to flood victims

The actress says they have managed to drop aid at nine different locations of Sindh and preferred not to share whole video for dignity of recepients.

LONDON: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 17th, 2022) Lollywood diva Armeena Khan has also played her role to help flood victims in Sindh.

Taking to Twitter, Armeena Khan who is based in London has said that they managed to drop aid in nine different locations of Sindh for the flood victims.

The actress just shared a small clip to inform the donors where their money went and preferred not to post the whole video keeping in view the dignity of the recepients.

Hadiqa Kiani, the famous singer, has also played a leading role to help the flood victims. She has worked day and night to collect funds and donations and managed a number trucks to provide aid to the flood victims in Sindh and Balochistan.

Abdullah Hussain

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