Kashmir Premier League Season 2 Is Set To Begin Next Month

Kashmir Premier League season 2 is set to begin next month

The drafting for the KPL Season 2 will take place after Eid-ul-Adha

Following the Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) issuance of a No-Objection Certificate (NOC), the second iteration of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) is scheduled to begin in Muzaffarabad next month.

The drafting for the KPL Season 2 will take place after Eid-ul-Adha, which was previously slated to take place from July 10 to 12 according to a KPL official.

Jammu Janbaz, a new franchise, has also been introduced to the competition, KPL President Arif Malik announced on Sunday. This indicates that there will be a total of seven teams in the second KPL season.

In a video message, Malik remarked, "The Pakistan cricket board has once again placed confidence in us by sanctioning KPL season two.”

The PCB had previously stated that they would only give a NOC for the event provided certain requirements are completed.

Sources claim that the PCB requested the identities of the participating athletes as well as the administrators' and authorities' contact information.

Additionally, the PCB has requested the KPL season one audited income and expense financial documents.

Four franchises, the Muzaffarabad Tigers, Bagh Stallions, Rawalakot Hawks, and Mirpur Royals, had previously urged the PCB to withhold its NOC for the KPL's second season, which had caused controversy.

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