FIRs Filed Against Journalist Imran Riaz Khan

FIRs filed against journalist Imran Riaz Khan

According to the allegations, Imran Riaz Khan carried out a serious crime and violated the Constitution of Pakistan.

Imran Riaz Khan, a Journalist and TV presenter/YouTuber, has been charged with speaking against state institutions in three cases—one in Gojra and two in Jhang—after receiving complaints from three distinct people.

According to the allegations, the anchor's actions were a serious crime and a breach of the Constitution because they offended Pakistani citizens' feelings.

The identically worded FIRs were filed on Thursday by the Jhang Kotwali police, Jhang Saddar police, and Gojra Saddar police in response to complaints from Suhail Iqbal of Iqbal Nagar, Khalid Mahmood Malik of Soofi Mor, and Mahboob Ali Khan of Chak 363-JB.

Sections 505-1 (C) , 505-2, 501, and 109 of the PPC as well as Sections 4, 5, 11, 16, and 20 of the 2016 Prevention of Electronic Crime Act have been used to register the cases.

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