Constable Tahir Khan: A Role Model For Youth

Constable Of KPK Police Does Phd In Biotechnology, Defeating All The Financial Problems


Constable Tahir Khan: a role model for youth
Constable of KPK police does Phd in biotechnology, defeating all the financial problems

Peshawar, (Pakistan Point News – 12th August, 2016) : God help those who help themselves. Tahir Khan Malik , a constable of Peshawar police has emerged as an example for the youth of Pakistan. Despite of his poverty, he worked hard and succeeded in achieving a PhD degree in Biotechnology. While talking to media he narrated his story and said that he had faced real financial hardships but his determination and desire to do PhD paved his way to the heights of glorious success.

He also told that he didn't buy a pair of shoes for himself during his whole life and never went to shopping. Talking about his father he broke into tears and said that he was really happy about his son's determination and success but he deceased soon. Tahir exclaimed his cause behind acquiring a PhD degree to set an example for those who talk about the illiteracy of Peshawar Police and to give such people a message that MPhil and PhD holders are also serving the KPK police.