Physiotherapy In Special Child - Hira Tabeer

Physiotherapy in special child - Hira Tabeer

How Physiotherapy can improve the living standards of special child like autistic child , CP child , torticollitis ,hyper active child

In Pakistan ,we often face the issues of special child due to repeated intercast , interfamily marriages ,birth defects, infections during pregnancy .When such physically abnormal child is born in a family he becomes a problem for that family .In this article,I am going to tell how Physiotherapy can improve the living standards of special child like autistic child , CP child , torticollitis ,hyper active child .
We Physiotherapist treat without medication.

We are bestowed with best hands .Our hands can immobilize a spastic limbs. Our hands can restore back life of a stroke patient .
In SEN institude I learn that we can enable a CP child to be enough independent that he was able to sit , eat and can interact with his surroundings . Autisticchild were able to relax by help of physiotherapy . Child with spastic muscle was able to do some of normal daily life activities . A 1 year oldtorticollitis child was able to hold his neck by help of physiotherapy.

There are some of miracles of Physiotherapy that only some percentage of our population know that they can improve living standards of their disabled child by physiotherapy.
Every field of medicine and energy field of health has some prons and cones . WE should value every field equally.Being physiotherapist,Ihave observed smiles on such mentally physically retarded child.
We improve functional ability of such child .We treat theirmuscoskeletal disorders.

We enable them to walk and stand without aid .By help of stretching ,strengthening and electrotherapy we decrease muscular tightness,increase muscular activities .A CP child cannot maintain balance,posture and gait.So we recommend them swimming, walking,water aerobics and wheeling.Physical therapy can help reduce tension of spastic muscles,also improve balance of such patients.Physical therapy also help patients of CP that have scoliosis, lordosis, pelvic inclination.

There are also different modalities of physiotherapy like Infrared radiation ,tools like exercise balls,hot and cold packs,free weights.Thus a physiotherapist can improve the muscle, endurance , flexibility,gait and overall health of a child.If a CP child receive physiotherapy at school,he would be able to learn exercises.The aim of physiotherapist is to reach their full potential by physical intervention, advice and support..
The purpose of writing this article is to create awareness about physiotherapy role in special child. Nowadays many institutes have been opened where a physiotherapy goal is to help such mentally and physically disabled child.