PM To Launch Criminal Law And Justice Reforms Today


PM to launch criminal law and justice reforms today

Prime Minister Imran Khan will address a ceremony regarding the launching of criminal law and justice reforms

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 27th, 2022) Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch Criminal Law and Justice Reforms at a ceremony in Islamabad today.

He will also speak on the occasion.

According to a local tv report, Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem said that criminal procedure code needed a change as per requirements and mentioned that over 700 amendments had completely overhauled the existing legal system.

He was addressing an inaugural of Criminal Law and Justice Reforms in Islamabad on Thursday. The Minister said that formation of a statute of an independent prosecution service, forensic laboratory and prison rules were significant reforms.

The law minister said that law was made for mandatory dispensation of budget to police station to meet the expenses of investigation, besides deputing sub-inspector at police stations with preferably bachelor degree.

He stated the trial judge would be made answerable before the High Court for not finalizing the case in nine months. The court can freeze any documents including identity card, bank accounts etc of an absconder, he told.

In cases of personal offences including murder or rape, the maker of the video will not be made mandatory to appear before law to render witness as proof of incident, he said.

He emphasized implementation of civil law reforms with an effective role of judiciary, benches and prosecutors and investigators.

Farogh Naseem urged the lawyers to support the reform of electronic recording of witness, whether in any language, to ensure accuracy and expedition of cases.

Abdullah Hussain

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