Details Of U13 And U16 Boys Tournaments Announced

Details of U13 and U16 boys tournaments announced

A total of 270 boys from across the country will be engaged in National U13 and National U16 tournaments in Karachi and Multan from Thursday, 27 January following a thorough age assessment procedure that was carried out over the course of the last 10 days

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 27th January, 2022) A total of 270 boys from across the country will be engaged in National U13 and National U16 tournaments in Karachi and Multan from Thursday, 27 January following a thorough age assessment procedure that was carried out over the course of the last 10 days.

The age assessment procedure started immediately after the suspension of the two age-group tournaments on 17 January when it emerged that a number of over-aged players were participating in both events.

The two tournaments had begun on 14 January, the first step that the PCB took was to re-verify the age of all participating players, subsequently, a second and third wrist test of the players was conducted under the strict supervision of the PCB.

Simultaneously, a list of additional probables (potential replacements) was also made and wrist tests of the players were also conducted. After accumulating the results of the three wrist tests conducted by the PCB, a list of overage players was made and replacements were chosen.

Before excluding the players from the tournament, the PCB provided them with an opportunity to present their case in-front of a panel, which was led by PCB’s Director High Performance Nadeem Khan.

Upon the completion of the procedure, a total of 36 U16 players have been declared over-age while amongst the U13 players, a total of 20 players have been declared over-age and were subsequently removed from the tournament.

Director High Performance Cricket Nadeem Khan: “We have run a thorough and a fully transparent age-verification process since the suspension of the tournaments on 17 January which has resulted in removal of a total of 56 players from both U13 and U16 events.

“This was a necessary step to protect the integrity of age-group events and to ensure that the menace of falsifying age is curbed as much as possible and in the longer run rooted out altogether from our system. From tomorrow, we start afresh and with renewed determination to identify and groom young talent for the years ahead.

“As part of the Chairman PCB’s vision, around 45 top performing players from these two tournaments will be trained at high performance centres across the country, they will also be given a stipend and provided education scholarships to ensure their all-round development. We plan to hire world-class coaches who will train these players and give them the exposure that will turn them into future Pakistan stars.”

Meanwhile, 12 teams will participate in the National U16 One-Day Tournament 2021-22 (45 overs) which will be played at five venues in Multan. The teams have been divided into two pools with all six Cricket Associations (CA) fielding two sides (one in each pool).

Balochistan, Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern, Sindh and Southern Punjab Whites will form Pool A while Balochistan, Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern, Sindh and Southern Punjab Blues will constitute Pool B.

The top sides from each pool will compete in the 7 February final which will be played at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Six teams will participate in the National U13 One-Day Tournament 2021-22 (25 overs) which will be played at three venues in Karachi.

One side each from Balochistan, Central Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern, Sindh and Southern Punjab will compete in the group stage, each team will play the other once in the round-robin format.

The top sides will proceed to compete in the 6 February final which will be played at the UBL Sports Complex, Karachi.

National U13 One-Day Tournament squads:

Balochistan: Abu Bakar, Adnan Ahmed, Ahsan Ullah, Asim Ur Rehman, Faiq Ali, Hamza Khan, Ikram Ullah, Khan Wali, Malik Awais, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Dawood, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Suleman , Saleem Jan, Tufail Ahmed

Central Punjab: Abdul Rameez Kamboh, Arham Danish, Asad Naeem, Aun Hassan, Awais Zubair, Daud Tauqir Rana, Hasnain Abbas, M. Ali Sabir, M. Essa Baloch, Reyyan Arshad, Sarmad Nawaz, Taha Asif, Taj Mohammad, Ubaid Ullah, Zaryan Ali

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Akbar Ali, Attaullah, Ibad Ullah, Junaid Khan Khalil, M Talha, Mohammad Zaid, Nafees Akhtar, Naveed, Saad Rasheed, Shoaib Khan, Zain Israr, Zain Khan, Zain Ul Abidin, Zulkifal Zain

Northern: Abdul Ahad, Abdul Munim, Abu Bakar Minhas, Akhtar Gull, Bilal Bashir, M. Asad Abdullah, M. Yousaf, Malik Mohammad Khizar, Mohammad Muneeb, Mohammad Musa Hasan, Mohammad Sohaib, Mohammad Zohaib Abbas, Saad Abraiz Abbasi, Salar Nazeer, Syed Wajih Ul Hasan

Sindh: Abdul Rafay, Ahmed Ali, Ahsan Khan, Azan Ali Shah, Darain Faraz, Ghulam Ahmed, Hammad Alam, Hassan Khan, M. Abdullah Javed, Mohammad Anas, Mohammad Azaan, Mohammad Hamza, Mohammad Khan, Nafay, Talal Mehmood

Southern Punjab: Abdullah Latif , Abdur Rehman , Ali Haider , Faizan Riyasat , Hasnain Sajid , Hayat Khan , M.Abdullah , M.Babar Arshad , M.Qasim Ahmad , M.Usman , Maaz Ahmed , Mohsin Malik , Mohammad Umar , Rae Ali Amjab, Talal Ahmed Khan

National U16 One-Day Tournament 2021-22 squads:

Balochistan Blues: Abdul Saboor, Anis Khan, Anwar Shah, Bakhtiyar Khan, Gohar Khan, Innam Ullah, Mubashir Shah, Mohammad Adil, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Asfand, Musharaf Hussain, Sumair Ahmed, Syed Yasir Shah, Talha Shakir, Zubair Ahmed

Balochistan Whites: Arslan Khan, Aurangzeb, Ayaz Gul, Eshrat Ul Ibbad, Faisal Razzaq, Imran Sadiq, Mohammad Shahid, Mohammad Umar, Muneer Ahmed, Muzamil Ali, Siraj Ahmed, Syed Waqas Ahmed, Umair Ahmed, Usman Ghani, Zakir Shah

Central Punjab Blues: Ali Hamza, Ali Raza, Areeb Arif, Faraz Ahmed, Ghulam Haider, Hamza Zahoor, Hunain, M Saim, M Usman, M. Farhan Yousaf, M. Hammad Arif, Mohsin Ali, Momin Qamar, Rana M Sarfraz, Shuban Saeed

Central Punjab Whites: Aaliyan Salman, Abdul Majid , Abu Suffyan, Ahmed Yar Haider , Ali Hassan, Ali Hassan Baloch, Ali Raza, Ammar Qayyum, Arslan Riaz, Danish Saeed, Faham Ul Haq, M Yaseen Bilal, M. Tayyab Arif, Nouman Ali, Shahbaz Javaid

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Blues: Ahmed Hussain, Ameer Hamza, Azam Afridi, Hazrat Ali, Luqman Khan, M Sohail, M. Salman, M. Ubaidullah, Masi Ullah, Mian Yousaf Shah, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Yaseen, Shahzaib Khan, Usman Khan, Zulkarnain

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Whites: Adil Waheed, Afkar Durrani, Hamza Khan, Huzaifa Khan, M Abbas Afridi, M.Awais Khan, Mansoor Maqsood, Mohammad Ansarullah, Mohammad Haroon, Mohammad Riazullah, Mohammad Shahram, Mohammad Shoaib, Mohammad Zubair, Roman Alam Khan, Ubaid Ullah

Northern Blues: Abbas Hussnain, Bilal Ahmed , Faizan Ibrahim, Hassan Ijaz , M. Hassan Khan , M. Nouman, M.Waleed Iqbal , M. Zain Jameel, Mohammad Arshad , Mohammad Asim Kamal, Mohammad Bilal , Mohammad Nabeel, Shayan Raza, Shazaib, Syed Ali Mehdi

Northern Whites: Abdullah, Aimal Alam Khan, Ali Ashfaq, Arsh Zaman, Arslan Ali, Asad Munir, Azaan Kabir, Hussnain Nadeem, M.Ammar Yasir, Mohammad Abdullah Sajid, Mohammad Ahmed, Mohammad Araiz, Mohammad Asmat Ullah, Mohammad Ziyan, Shahmeer Nisar

Sindh Blues: Abdul Hadi, Abdul Moiz, Ahmed Muhiuddin, Ali Mohammad Metha, Farhan Zaman, Huzaifa Ahsan, M. Rameez, M.Talha Khanji, Mawaz Zahid, Musa Azad, Noor Habib, Saad Mahmoob, Saif Ullah Khan, Sufiyan Usmani, Yahya Shah

Sindh Whites: Abdul Rehman, Daniyal Hashmi, Haroon Arshad, Hassan Sheikh, Humza Qureshi, M. Bahroz Baig, M. Rohan Khan, M.Ahmed, Maaz Shah, Musab Ahmed, Nauman Ali, Owais Rehim Shah, Shahzaib Ali, Shiraz Khan, Syed Rehan Ali

Southern Punjab Blues: Abdullah , Ghulam Mustufa, Haseeb Javed , Inam Ullah , M.Aqib Arshad , M.Jan Sher , M.Saqib , Raja Sheraz (S) , Rana Adeel Mushtaq , Sameer Ahmed Minhas , Sameer Akhtar , Shahzad Ahmed , Sufiyan Ameen , Suleman Ahmed, Zain Arshad

Southern Punjab Whites: Abdul Rasool , Abdullah Tauqeer , Ali Hussain Badshah , Bilal Khan, Fahad Kashif , Haseeb Ahmed , M.Ahsan Malik, M.Farhan , M.Hamid , M.Noman Asif , M.Umair , Rao Kaleem Haider , Shahaz Saeed , Sohaib Akram , Tayyab Mukhtar