Ayberk Pekcan Aka  Artuk Bey Of Ertugrul Ghazi Passes Away


Ayberk Pekcan aka  Artuk Bey of Ertugrul Ghazi passes away

The reports suggest that the actor had been suffering from lung cancer for a long time.

ANKARA: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 26, 2022) Turkish actor Ayberk Pekcan who is known as Artuk Bey in Ertugrul Ghazi passed away on Wednesday.

Ayberk Pekcan, 51, was suffering from lung cancer for a long time.

The actor had shared earlier a lengthy note about his illness, confirming his friends that he was suffering from lung cancer.

Turkish colleagues have expressed sorrow and grief over demise of the actor. Esra Bilgic also prayed for the departed soul.

He had written, "Dear friends… The process that started with the doctor I went to with a complaint of back pain has come to this point today. I have lung cancer. The tumor has also spread to the liver and adrenal glands,”

He had also written, “Unfortunately, this disease did not show any symptoms in its initial stages. The first day of chemotherapy… My biggest support is with my family. So are my friends nearby… I will do my best to regain my health. Keep your health wishes and prayers with you. Stay well,”.

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