Robbers Say They Looted More Than Two Dozen TikTokers In Karachi


Robbers say they looted more than two dozen TikTokers in Karachi

The criminals confess that they target TikTokers, because they use expensive cell phones, and loot delivery boys and cab drivers as they do not resist.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 29th, 2021) Two robbers in custody of Shahrai-e-Noor Jehan police claimed that they looted more than two dozens TikTokers in Karachi.

They said the TikTokers were their main target in the city, because looting them was easier and they also never resisted.

Their confessional statement came after the police arrested them and recovered valuables including looted mobile phones, cash, gold ornaments and others.

The robbers said that TikTokers often use smartphones of good companies and they got a handsome amount for them in the market.

“So far, we have looted smartphones from more than 25 TikTokers,” said the criminals.

They said they also looted delivery boys and online cab services men because they use to call them at deserted places and loot them.

The criminals said that they used to sell the valuables to a man named Aziz in Karachi’s Banaras.

“We are doing further investigation of the robbers,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Central Murtaza Tabbasum.

He said police had arrested a two-member dacoit gang that used to rob shops and blood test laboratories in Karachi earlier in October.

The dacoits were seen robbing cash in different localities in CCTV footage of their three robberies.

Fida Hussnain

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