Children’s City Joins Hands With Nikon To Organise Children’s Photography Course

Children’s City joins hands with Nikon to organise children’s photography course

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 20th Oct, 2021) The Children's City of Dubai Municipality, in cooperation with Nikon, is organising a comprehensive introductory course for children to learn about the art of photography, its most prominent concepts and basics, and enhance their creative talents in this field.

The course will be conducted in the Children's City every Thursday - from 5 pm to 6 pm - until 23rd December 2021.

The main topics that will be highlighted in the course include filmmaking, lighting art, mastering the use of a Nikon camera, photographing flowers, photographing faces, different patterns of designs, and fun with bubbles. Children who wish to participate in the course can complete the registration process by visiting the Children's City website,

The Children's City is the first educational city dedicated to children aged 2-15 years in the UAE. It encourages children to research and explore in an educational and entertaining format, to instil useful concepts and information in them by allowing them to participate in the various educational and entertainment programmes organised by it.

Children's City also contains halls and indoor and outdoor spaces to hold activities and celebrations throughout the year.