EHS Urges Public To Avail Health Card Issuance And Renewal Service

EHS urges public to avail health card issuance and renewal service

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 26th Sep, 2021) As part of its programmes to raise community awareness about the comprehensive services package it provides according to the best accredited practices, the Emirates Health Services (EHS) urged community members to tap into the services of issuing, renewing, amending and transferring health cards.

To facilitate and expedite procedures, the EHS provides this service in 23 healthcare facilities in 6 emirates, in addition to electronic channels.

UAE citizens and residents and GCC citizens can avail themselves of the service, which can also be accessed via the website or printing centres.

This is based on the regulating decisions that linked the provision of health services with the health card. The service enables users to receive medical services at any of EHS’s health facilities.

People of determination can apply for a Health Card along with the required documents at the health registration outlets in the medical districts, including a recent medical report, a valid passport, and ID. The application will be forwarded to the medical committee for approval.

This service enables people of determination to obtain free medical services. This comes as part of the EHS's commitment to integrating people of determination into society and providing them with easy and accessible healthcare services commensurate with their circumstances.

The issuance of a health card is linked to a valid ID that can replace the health card. Its validity for Emiratis and GCC citizens is four years.

For residents, the health card validity is one year renewable within a month before its expiry, for those who have a valid passport and residence permit. In both cases, the issuance of a health card is linked to the current residence address.

The EHS stressed its commitment to facilitating the provision of health services in general and for people of determination in particular, in order to ensure that customers have easy access to government services with high efficiency and transparency.

It noted that services are available to customers through electronic and smart channels, especially for people of determination based on the directives of the UAE government to empower this category and prioritise them in government services and procedures.

The health card application can be submitted through healthcare centres according to the appropriate category (citizen, GCC, expatriate, and people of determination).

The aim of this service is to save visitor’s time and effort to make health registration transactions and alleviate the pressure on health registration departments in medical districts. This comes as part of the EHS's efforts to provide world-class health and administrative services in accordance with the highest international practices.