President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah Holds A Press Conference With Provincial Minister For Culture & Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah, And Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab To Provide Updates On Omer Sharif’s Treatment Abroad, Jawad Omer Son Of Omer Sharif Also Joined

President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah holds a press conference with Provincial Minister for Culture & Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah, and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab to provide updates on Omer Sharif’s treatment abroad, Jawad Omer son of Omer Sharif also joined

I urge everyone to please do not share my father’s picture from the hospital on social media, it’s so sad and painful for my family and his fans to see him in this state – Jawwad Omer stated

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 16th September, 2021) Arts Council’s president Mohammad Ahmed Shah holds a press conference to provide updates on Omer Sharif’s health and treatment abroad, Provincial Minister for Culture & Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab, and Omer’s son Jawwad Omer accompanied him.
Addressing the press conference Provincial Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah said, we make all possible efforts for our artists, and we make sure to provide their necessity but we do not want to hurt someone’s dignity by doing it publicly or making announcements.

“Omer Sharif is a living legend and an asset of this country, he is the only one and there is no substitute for him. We are all concerned for his health and praying for his health” Sardar Shah added.
Further speaking Sardar Shah said, “We are in the process of issuing health cards to the artists who need financial support for their treatment; this health card will have a compensation amount of Rs. 300,000 through which artists will be able to get treated from any hospital.

“Sindh government sanctions Rs. 40 million grant for Omer Sharif, all documentation for the visa process have been completed, and in this regard, Chief Minister himself spoke to the US Consulate General also an air Ambulance has been arranged. Soon Mr. Sharif will fly to the US for his treatment, I ensure every possible support his family needs” Administrator Mr.Wahab stated.
President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said, we criticize our government for certain things but we should also appreciate them for their efforts.

I would like to pay gratitude to the Sindh government for supporting the artist community. Earlier artists used to wait for support but now the Sindh government is at the forefront for the grandeur of our artists.
Jawwad Omer said I would like to thank the Sindh government for bearing the expenses of Air Ambulance and for playing the important role in the process. I am really honored for the love and prayers we are receiving, I am not only his son but also his fan and I urge everyone, please do not share his pictures from the hospital it’s really sad and painful to see him like this. We will try to keep updating the media about his treatment.