HBL And Indus Motor Company Enter Strategic ‎alliance ‎

HBL and Indus Motor Company enter strategic ‎alliance ‎

Muhammad Asad Khan, Head – Secured Assets Consumer Rural and SME Banking – HBL (sitting ‎on Left) and Abdul Rab, Senior Manager Marketing and Sales – Indus Motor Company (sitting ‎on Right)signing the agreement between the two organizations. Representatives from both the ‎organizations were also present at the occasion.‎

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 16th September, 2021) HBL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ‎with Indus Motor Company Ltd. The MoU was signed by Muhammad Asad Khan, Head ‎‎– Secured Assets, Consumer, Rural and SME Banking and Abdul Rab, Senior ‎General Manager, Marketing and Sales - Indus Motors. ‎

Through this agreement, HBL will facilitate its customers by providing them with ‎exclusive financing and insurance rates on all Toyota variants. With this initiative, ‎customers can avail preferential rates and priority delivery of their financing facility. ‎The combined expertise of the companies will help save time, reduce hassle, and ‎create a seamless purchase and financing. In addition, 50 authorized Dealerships and ‎‎35 TSURE (used certified vehicles) outlets will be utilized to offer leasing facilities. ‎

This alliance will also facilitate Islamic Banking customers and highlight the ‎distribution channel of windows and Islamic Banking branches that are catering to ‎customer needs. Collaboration between conventional and Islamic Auto loans provides ‎customers with various options to choose from. ‎

Aamir Kureshi, Head – Consumer, Rural and SME Banking stated, “The importance of ‎forging such strategic partnerships enables HBL to put the customer first, giving them ‎options to choose between conventional and Islamic auto loans so we can facilitate ‎our customers in every way possible.”‎

Abdul Rab, Senior General Manager, Marketing and Sales - Indus Motor, ‎commented,“When two established giants,such as Toyota &HBL, in the auto finance ‎industry join hands to form an alliance to provide an attractive offer, it creates an ‎excitement amongst the consumers in the market. This was a long-awaited alliance ‎and we are very excited for the outcome of this alliance.”‎