UPDATE - New COVID-19 Outbreak Registered In Southeastern China - Health Commission

BEIJING/MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 12th September, 2021) China has registered 20 new COVID-19 cases, all of them in the southeastern Fujian province, the National Health Commission said on Sunday.

"20 indigenous cases in Fujian, 19 in Putian and 1 in Quanzhou, including 1 confirmed case converting from an asymptomatic case," the statement read.

According to the Global Times newspaper, the residents of Putian are recommended to stay at the city. Those who desire to leave have to provide a negative PCR test.

In addition, the authorities reportedly imposed new COVID-19 restrictions in the city, deciding to close movie theaters, museums, libraries and limit the restaurants' business hours.

Until recently, China was able to stem the spread of the infections across the country. For a long time, most confirmed cases were the ones brought to the country by travelers from abroad. But a mid-July outbreak in the city of Nanjing spread to several other cities.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, mainland China has registered 95,199 COVID-19 cases and 4,636 deaths caused by the disease.