Dubai Sports Council Organises Workshop For Dubai Club Administrators And Supervisors

Dubai Sports Council organises workshop for Dubai club administrators and supervisors

Titled “Positive Social Impact”, workshop is part of Council’s development program for Emirati personnel working at clubs and sports companies in Dubai

DUBAI (Pakistan Point News - 14th April, 2021) Dubai Sports Council organized a virtual workshop, titled “Positive Social Impact”, for supervisors and administrators of Dubai sports clubs as part of the second phase of the Council’s development program for Emirati personnel working at clubs and sports companies in the Emirate of Dubai.

Organised in cooperation with the Community Development Authority of Dubai via video conferencing, the workshop saw 45 supervisors from Dubai clubs and football companies in attendance, as well as 10 Dubai police teams.

Dr Hussein Ali Masih, Development and Social Welfare Specialist at the Community Development Authority in Dubai, addressed the attendees, discussing the “Social Impact” of the administrators’ work with Dubai clubs and sports companies. The workshop also presented models on ethics and effective ways of managing critical behaviour and attitudes among players, including swift but positive intervention, communication with parents, and regular follow ups on the implementation of recommendations.

The workshop is part of a number of initiatives launched by Dubai Sports Council with the aim of developing the administrative staff working at Dubai clubs and sports companies, in order to optimise the investment of human resources, enhance the work atmosphere and create a positive relationship between the clubs and families, which will attract more people to these facilities, help promote sports among the community and increase the pool of Emirati sports talents.

The initiatives are the first of their kind in the sports sector and designed to help contribute to the development of administrative work in clubs and sports companies, and prepare employees for the next stage of their career as well as the challenges that he is likely to face, not just at work but in all spheres of life.

The Council will continue to organise workshops, training programs and lectures for supervisors and administrators throughout the sports season, with the aim of updating them about the latest and global best practises in dealing with athletes of differences ages, as well as other development and trends in all other spheres of their work.