Number Of Livestock In Abu Dhabi Totalled 3.5 Million In 2020

Number of livestock in Abu Dhabi totalled 3.5 million in 2020

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 19th Apr, 2021) A statistical report by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) revealed that the number of livestock in Abu Dhabi in 2020 totalled 3,515,281 heads of sheep, goats, camels and cattle.

The report also highlighted the fact that the number of livestock holdings in Abu Dhabi amounted to 25,087, most of whom are in Al Ain, accounting for 61.6 percent and numbering 15,462, followed by the city of Abu Dhabi with 5,183 or 20.6 percent, and Al Dhafra with 4,442 or 17.7 percent.

Sheep and goats represented the largest proportion of livestock in Abu Dhabi, accounting for 3,013,262 heads or 85.7 percent of the total while camels accounted for 444,743, and cattle for 57,276.