Abu Dhabi University Tops UAE’s Employability Rankings

Abu Dhabi University tops UAE’s employability rankings

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 12th Apr, 2021) Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has been ranked the best for employability in the UAE and third in the Arab world, according to the Global Employability Ranking and Survey 2020 (GEURS), a study published by French consultancy Emerging and Times Higher education.

The survey provides unique data and insights into the strategies that could be put in place to meet training challenges and the leading indicators of employability. The worldwide ranking gives a picture of the decisive factors – the drivers – behind recruiters’ choice of best universities. This year, 9,000 recruiters from more than 22 countries voted to rate the employability performance of 6,000 international institutions.

The recently released worldwide rankings demonstrate the ADU’s focus on academic quality, its strategy to meet future training challenges, and its employability performance. Despite the increasing number of universities considered in this year’s report, and since entering the Global Employability Survey and Ranking, the ADU held its position in the top 160 universities globally.

Professor Waqar Ahmad, Chancellor of the ADU, commented, "We are thrilled to have been ranked the best university for employability in the UAE and the top 160 worldwide. This new ranking is a testament to the quality of our strategic investments in teaching and learning and the exceptional role our global faculty play to upskill our students in the classroom and beyond. These remarkable results drive us to maintain our pursuit of excellence and to harness the collective talents of our students to enhance the university’s reputation further and contribute to the economy and society in and beyond the UAE. Future work skills and practical problem-solving are central parts of our teaching and support our graduates to be ready for the challenges of work."

Professor Ahmad added, "Above all, we want to help our students achieve their full academic potential and provide them with the skills and qualifications for productive careers, as well as support their personal growth as well-rounded and productive individuals."

Among over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are new programmes in laboratory medicine, human genetics, nutrition and dietetics, biomedical engineering, software engineering, industrial engineering, exciting opportunities to specialise in robotics and artificial intelligence, and programmes in media production. The university’s school of business houses among the most highly regarded MBA programmes in the region.

As part of its employability strategy, the ADU’s Employability and Alumni Relations Office (EARO) facilitates contact between industry professionals and recruiters who are seeking young graduates from the pool of talented students at the ADU.