Nestle To Face Trial In Lactogen Case


Nestle to Face Trial in Lactogen Case

Police reports in favor of the Nestle are said to be Fake , Court summons Nestle Authorities

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 24th, 2021) A local court on Wednesday summoned Nestle company’s officials to explain their position and declared police report in favor of the company as fake.

A Judge in Model Town courts took up the matter and directed the company’s officials to appear before it by March 9 in a murder case of a baby girl.

Taking to Twitter, Advocate Hassan Ahmed Niazi shared development in the case through a video message.

He said that daughter of a citizen namely Usman died due to drinking Nestle’ Lactogen. He said it took more than a year to lodge FIR against the company and took the same period in submission of challan and starting trial in the case.

“Police fear of Nestle that you can’t even imagine. The government and police both run away from Nestle. Police made crystal clear report of Nestle which earlier was tampered and some forensic reports which were in our favor were disappeared, and the report was complete in favor of Nestle company,” said Hassan Niazi. He said the court had declared police’s report as fake and had directed the company’s officials to appear before it to explain their position in the case.

“Everybody who raised voice against these them [company] were made silenent. I personally know a person who fled away to Canada fearing that Nestle people could not do any harm to him,” he said pointing out that Usman initiated against the company and when he refused to surrender his house was attacked. Firing was done there. The lawyer said that Usman and his wife did not fear and continued to fight legal battle against this company.

“Police made full attempt to save the company but thank God the courts are still free and independent. The Magistrate was pressurized. The prosecutor was threatened of his transfer.50, 50 lawyers appeared before the court while Usman used to be all alone or I used to be with him. Nestle used to say that this man needed money,” he added.

UrduPoint also conducted interview of the complainant.

Hassan Niazi while addressing the company’s officials said that they would pay the full compensation as per the sections of the relevant law. He complained that media never reported against Nestle.

“I’m sharing with you a good news that they [Nestle] will go forward and will file appeal,” said the lawyer. He clearly warned Nestle of strict action under the law.

“You will apologize and will pay the compensation of what you have done,” Hassan warned.

“It is your poisonous product that killed an innocent baby girl. And you will pay total compensation as per law to the poor man,” he further said. Forensic Reports had determined that the baby girl died of poison.

He said the shopkeeper from whom they bought that Lactogen was testifying in their [Nestle] favor.

“But you know we bought another packet of Lacktogen and sent it to Forensic lab for the test and it gave the same result that it was carrying the same “poison” which took life that innocent girl,” he added.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.