Pakistan's Navy Chief Praises Nations For Joining AMAN Drills Despite Pandemic

KARACHI (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 12th February, 2021) Pakistan's Chief of the Naval Staff, Adm. Amjad Khan Niazi, thanked the participating navies on Friday for joining the AMAN-21 multinational naval exercise to work on "synergy" in tackling maritime security challenges despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the message, delivered by Commander of 25th Destroyer Squadron Imtiaz Ali on his behalf ahead of the flag hosting ceremony in the port of Karachi, the navy chief said that the Islamabad-organized multinational drills seek to "develop doctrinal synergy to tackle maritime security challenges and to enhance interoperability among navies at different pedestals of technological prowess to secure a safe and sustainable environment."

He stressed that it was a matter of pride to see flags of over 45 navies flying together as an embodiment of the exercise motto "Together for Peace."

Navies of Russia, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and other countries from ASEAN, the African Union, the European Union, the Gulf Cooperation Council and NATO are taking part in the AMAN 2021 drills near Pakistan's port city of Karachi from February 11-16.

The naval drills organized by Islamabad are held every two years since 2007.