PFF General Secretary Manizeh Zainli Steps Down From Her Office


PFF General Secretary Manizeh Zainli steps down from her office

Zainli has confirmed that she is resigning from the office by her free will despite several request by PFF Normalization Committee chairman Mr. Muneer Ahmad Khan Sadhana and other colleagues.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 1st, 2021) Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) General Secretary Manizeh Zainli resigned from office, a statement issued by the federation confirmed.

Taking to Twitter, Manizeh Zainli said: “I am stepping down as the PFF General Secretary willfully, despite several requests by the PFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Mr. Muneer Ahmed Khan Sadhana and other colleagues,”.

Earlier, Pakistan Football Federation thanked Ms Zainli for rendering services for development of the football in the country during her tenure.

She was appointed earlier this year in February and became the country’s first ever female general secretary for PFF.

Former NC Chairman Hamza Khan earlier had asked her to resign but she secured a stay order from a civil court in Lahore. However, the newly appointed Chairman Sandhana reversed Hamza’s decision and reinstated Zainli last week.

But the government said that she would be working till mid January until they found a replacement to ensure smooth transition of work.

Fida Hussnain

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