Vehari Youth Fraudulently Married To A 70-year Old Woman


Vehari youth fraudulently married to a 70-year old woman

Mohammad Shahid says he has decided now to marry again as he and his family has been badly deceived by “Zulfi gang” which got him married to a woman of his grandmother’s age.

VEHARI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Dec 5th, 2020) A young man fraudulently was married to 70-year old woman in Ameer pur village in Karam pur police precinct in district Vehari, UrduPoint reported on Saturday.

Mohammad Shahid, resident of Vehari, and his family was shown a 20-year old girl as a suitable match at the time of engagement by a man namely Zulfiqar alias Zulfi in his house who was living there on rent. The groom who belongs to very poor family sold animals and other belongings to meet the expenses of marriage.

However, when the victim party reached with groom at the house of bride on the wedding day the girl’s family did not allow anyone to enter into room where the girl was sitting.

“The girl’s family deceived the grooms’ family by disappearing 20-year old groom and solemnized his “Nikah” with 70-year old Jannat Bibi who was working there as a mad and was wearing complete Hijab,” said groom Mohammad Shahid and his brother in a live interview with UrduPoint in Vehari.

“They disappeared the girl and deceitfully solemnized Nikah with the elderly 70-year old woman” brother of the groom said.

“They did not allow even our woman to enter at the time of Nikah ceremony,” he added.

He said the fraudulent group had earlier charged Rs 80,000 for the marriage with the girl.

“A man namely Bashir in a nearby village also charged Rs 20,000 to help us search suitable match, and he was the man who led to this family and group,” he further said.

The victims said they did not see the woman at the time of departure in a bid to maintain our traditional and cultural values.

“Because we value our traditions, and therefore, we did not see her at the time of departure as she was covered with red-color bride suit,” he further said.

He stated that only two men from their side were allowed entry into the room and no other woman from groom side was allowed entry.

“We thought that everything was right because we have already seen that 20-year old girl but they did fraud,” said the groom’s brother who was sitting next to Jannat Bibi with traditional “red-color” dopata.

Jannat Bibi said that she was mad at the house of Zulfiqar and they told her that they were going to commit fraud with groom and his family, and asked her to sit in the groom’s car.

She said that she was forced by Zulfiqar, and asked for her immediate release.

The anchor asked her that she was wanted in another similar case to which she replied; “Zulfi and his family was involved in such crimes for last many years and this time again they used her. She said she was innocent and had nothing to do with this crime.

“I just want just for this family and for my self, “ she added.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.