Istanbul Airport Bombings Killed At Least 36 People, IS Being Alleged By PM.


Istanbul airport bombings killed at least 36 people, IS being alleged by PM.

ISTANBUL, (Pakistan Point News - 29th june, 2016) : Istanbul's Ataturk airport suffered from a  triple suicide bombing and gun attack causing 36 casualties, incorporating foreigners, while Turkish prime minister accused Islamic state group.

A gun fire was opened by the assaulters at the entrance of the airport before they blew themselves up at around 10 :00 pm(1900 GMT) Tuesday, as exclaimed by Turkish authorities.

Out of the four attacks that had been carried out this year, it is the most lethal attack that galvanized turkey's biggest city. IS was blamed for two of the attacks while a militant Kurdish group was alleged for one of them.

Though there was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s massacre, "the track of evidences found is leading towards Daesh", expressed by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim while talking to the journalists at the scene, using an alternative name for the crusaders.

Justice minister Bekir Bozdag mentioned total 147 injuries which included foreigners. No further details were given.

After the attack was striked, all the flights were hung up at the airport which is one of the busiest air transportation system in Europe.

The attacked evoked an international "joint fight" against terrorism among the western allies, as said by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while US condemned the flagitious attack

According to Yildrim, the executioners arrived in a taxi and before they explode, a gun fire was opened on the passengers with automated riffles.

Turkey's prima tourism point, Istanbul, that gives shelter to some 15 million people has recently encountered a series of deadly attacks , the bombing in the core of tourist district being the focus of attention, executing 12 Germans, IS being alleged.