Emirati Designers' Pavilion Captivate Visitors At ‘Jewels Of Emirates’ Show

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 27th Nov, 2020) The Emirati Designers’ Pavilion at the 1st "Jewels of Emirates" Show, which is organised by the Expo Centre Sharjah with the support of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SCCI, has attracted a remarkable turnout of visitors and gold and jewellery lovers, who were extremely satisfied with the exhibits from the latest innovations and rare designs of jewellery sets, as well as the traditional gold and jewellery collections made by skilful craftsmen.

17-year-old Aousha Al Shamsi, the youngest Emirati designer participating in the event together with her mother, said, "I was keen to launch my design ‘The Brand’ at the show. Inspired by a large set of international designs which I have merged into one design reflecting simplicity and elegance, and its suitability for modern and classic taste at the same time."

"Gold First" podium is witnessing a high turnout of fans of Arab and Emirati designs. When asking the podium’s owner, said that the traditional jewellery and gold pieces and sets are characterised by simplicity and dominance of gold over gemstones, something that increases their material value with time, adding that he tends to the traditional designs in various forms, such as the traditional ornate headpieces, known as "al tasah", "al rishi", and "shenaf", while the "mortasha", "al merriah", and "al manthoora" are ornate neckpieces, besides larger pieces and other gold jewellery that is worn on the hand and fingers.

Mohammed Rahma Al Shamsi, the owner of the Rahma Al Shamsi jewellery podium, said that Emirati designers are well-experienced, inspired by parents and grandparents, with their long history in the manufacture of gold, gemstones, and diamonds. He lauded the Expo Centre’s efforts in organising such a local exhibition which makes it easier for exhibitors to compete rather than participate in major international exhibitions, giving them much space to showcase their simple yet elegant and handicraft designs.

Sultan Shattaf, Director, Sales & Marketing, Expo Centre Sharjah, said he was extremely pleased with the huge turnout, as the event mainly aims to create an ideal platform for Emirati exhibitors and designers to show their talent and creativity, as well as support the workers in this sector across the emirate and the country at large.

"This year, we were keen to dedicate a special podium for the Emirati designers and exhibitors, with the SCCI’s support, hoping that the upcoming editions would see a large pavilion for national talents," he stated.

Shattaf shed light on the attractive deals offered by the exhibition to support the exhibiting companies, such as the chance to win a diamond jewellery set and diamond ring offered by Salem Al Shueibi Jewellery and AED1000 daily gift vouchers and many more.