AJK President Says India Launches A Walmart Of Terrorism Against Pakistan

AJK President says India launches a walmart of terrorism against Pakistan

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan on Monday said India has launched a Walmart of terrorism against Pakistan and all the terrorism is directly or indirectly Kashmir-centric

MUZAFFARABAD (Pakistan Point News - 17th November, 2020) The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan on Monday said India has launched a Walmart of terrorism against Pakistan and all the terrorism is directly or indirectly Kashmir-centric.

“Over the years, Indian intelligence agencies have been sponsoring, engineering, financing and executing acts of terrorism and subversion against Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan,” the President said in a message to All Parties Conference, organised by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK.

The conference participated by diaspora community leaders, representatives of different political parties and members of Parliament discussed a campaign strategy to expose India’s state-sponsored terrorism against neighbouring countries, violation of human rights and atrocities committed by its army against innocent Kashmiris.

AJK President said irrefutable evidentiary proof of these crimes has been furnished and these crimes cannot be swept under the carpet now. India, he said, has been selling a false narrative to the world that it is fighting terrorism in Kashmir. The fact is that it is the biggest perpetrator of international terrorism in South Asia, particularly in Kashmir and Pakistan.

He said a US agency - The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) - and many other entities have established that over forty banking institutions are involved in terrorist financing. These serious allegations against India are being investigated by the Financial Action Task Force, he maintained.

India is running 87 terrorist camps in India and Afghanistan whose operators have been targeting Pakistan’s schools, banks, stock exchange and city centres. If you go through the list of the networks, recruits, saboteurs, arms and ammunitions, and huge funding that India has mobilised, one would see clearly that India has launched a Walmart of Terrorism against Pakistan. All this terrorism is directly or indirectly Kashmir-centric.

Saying that “this evil triad must be broken up” President urged the United Kingdom parliamentarians and political leaders to expose India in order to stop its human right violations in Jammu and Kashmir, its ceasefire violations against the LOC and it’s unbridled terrorism in the region.

Commenting on recent that killed at least six people and injured seriously scores others in Pakistani side of LoC, the President said The Indian hostile fire targeted all sectors along the ceasefire line. The Neelum, Leepa and Jehlum Valleys, as well as Bagh sectors, were hit. It appears India wants to trigger and escalate a devastating war.

Pakistan gave a fitting response by taking out Indian military posts showing complete restrain to target civilians. But it seems Pakistan’s restraint and responsibility emboldened India to undertake daredevil adventures. India’s aggression in IOJK and across LOC must be punished

In the past 72 hours, the Line of Control between Azad Kashmir and the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been literally set ablaze by India’s incessant hostile fire in which they have used artillery and heavy mortars.

He went on to say India has speeded up the pace of settle-colonialism in the occupied territory. In the past three months, two million non-native Hindus have been illegally settled in the IOJK. Native Kashmiris’ land is being stolen from them as black laws authorize occupiers to confiscate, commander and expropriate any part of Kashmiris’ land and build illegal settlements there.

After 72 years when the occupation forces realised they could not integrate Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian State or win hearts and minds of the people of the occupied territory, they have now forcibly annexed the territory against the wishes of people and are transforming the Muslim-majority state into a Hindu state. This is genocide. This is lebensraum. It must be stopped.

The AJK President urged the United Kingdom, as permanent member of the United Nations Security Council must activate the Council to end genocide and land grab in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In addition, he said must urge its permanent delegation to the UN to play a key role in putting the evidence against India on terrorism in the Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee and 1267 Committee.
He thanked Mr Fahim Kiyani for organising All Parties Conference on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and also expressed his gratitude to all those Members of Parliament (MPs) and community leaders who were attending this conference.