DG ISPR Says Abhinandhan Was Released As A Peace Of Gesture

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DG ISPR says Abhinandhan was released as a peace of gesture



Pak military Spokesperson says India has faced humiliations on number of occasion after Pakistan military fought with courage and such statement that Abhinandhan was released against any pressure was against the facts; he was released as gesture of peace under Geneva Convention.

RAWALPINDI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 29th, 2020) DG Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar on Thursday addressed a press conference to correct a statement given against the national security.

Director General Babar Iftikhar said Pakistan Army always fought with great courage against India and on number of occasions, India faced humiliation.

“Pakistan Army arrested Wing Commander Abhinandhan after his military jet was targeted and fallen down by Pakistan Army,” said Major General Iftikhar while addressing press conference. Indian Army lost its confidence and it just shot down its own military jets, he added.

“I’m here to correct an historic fact that damaged the image of national security,” said the DG ISPR.

He stated that Pakistan’s response was strong and no weakness was shown about Indian Wing Commander Abhinandhan's release. General Iftikhar clarified that they released Abhinandhan as a peace gesture and in light of the Geneva Convention.

“Linkage of Abhinandhan’s release to any other thing by ignoring the historic facts is absolutely wrong and against the image of national security,” said the DG ISPR.

He said Pakistan Army took action against Indian army in the broad day-light and he was only released as a “peace-gesture,”.

DG ISPR came to address a press conference to correct an historic fact after PML-N leader Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that it was weakness of the civilian government that allowed release of Indian Wing Commander Abhinandhan. Ayaz Sadiq damaged the image of national security after he said that Pakistan’s civilian government kneed before the Indian pressure and threat of war.

“Our gesture of releasing Abhinandhan for peace was appreciated globally,” said the DG ISPR, pointing out that Pakistan Army fought with courage and Indian military just lost its confidence which targeted its own military jet and shot it down.

Pulwama matter, he said, was an evidence where India faced humiliation.

“Pakistan Army was ready and will always be there to defend the motherland,” he added.

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