Instead Of Being Scared, Let Us Discuss What Makes Our Mental Health Better - Qasim Khan Suri


Instead of being scared, let us discuss what makes our mental health better - Qasim Khan Suri

The mental health professionals are working very hard to manage post covid19 pandemic stresses.

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 15th October, 2020) A delegation of Mental Health Professionals called on Deputy Speaker National Mr Qasim Khan Suri at Parliament House on occasion of Mental Health Week. The delegation consisted of leading psychiatrist & mental health professions capital namely Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Seniya Akhtar Habib, Dr. Ehsen Naveed Irfan, Ms. Noor Haider, Dr. Neelum Sarwar, Mr. Zaraid & others.

Mental health day was celebrated in Pakistan by mental health professions on 10.10.2020, day urges humanity to share importance of mental wellbeing and give tribute. The delegation discussed upon various means government could help in maintaining chronically ill patients healthy.

Dr. Seniya Akhtar emphasized upon efforts to make long acting injectable free of cost for the non-affording patients in need. Furthermore she told that there is a certain population of Schiziphreniac patients and psychotic patients who are in need of monthly injectables costing less than Rs 200 per month.

Dr. Ehsan Naveed Irfan urged for involvement of mental health professionals psychiatrists, psychologists to be a part of mental health policy making. He further said that there is no complete health without mental health being of individuals. That very little amount of budget/ insufficient budget is allocated for mental health being of Pakistani nation. He informed that before covid pandemic Pakistani nation wasent prepared for the crisis and post pandemic a mental health pandemic might be expected and stressed that its high time that the government must invest for mental wellbeing of the patients.

Ms. Noor Haider psychologist told that government must facilitate the individuals who wish to have psychotherapy sessions as a part of keeping them healthy and encourage the nation to speak about mental health wellbeing.

Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri lauded the efforts of psychiatrists and psychologists for helping people battle with mental health problems post pandemic of covid19. He appreciated the mental health professions in the meeting said that he wishes to serve and help furthermore for the nation’s happiness index and what makes them mentally health. He carefully listened to the problems brought forward by the delegation said that instead of being scared, let us discuss what makes our mental health better as an individual. He further said that in the 1st session after this meeting mental health professionals will be invited in the assembly. Furthermore he wished to coordinate the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES REGULATIONS AND COORDINATION and Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives with the mental health professionals along with ministry of national for proper implementation and roadmap to keep national policy on mental health efficient.

Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri was asked by the delegation to have sustained efforts regarding mental health as previously it was ignored. On a question asked by Dr. Ehsen about keeping his mental fitness Qasim Suri responded that he faces all sorts of behaviors during a session consisting of anger, hateful remarks and often mixed emotions by members. However he keeps his calm by focusing on the agenda in hand and by being calm. He further said that Faith, physical fitness and having a discipline in routine helps him progress in his work.

He also informed about economic challenges faced by Pakistan however assured the delegation full cooperation and support for the challenges faced by those having mental illneses in the nation.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses