'Little Hearts' For Sudan Performs 27 Catheterisation Operations

'Little Hearts' for Sudan performs 27 catheterisation operations

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 27th Sep, 2020) For more than ten years, the 'Little Hearts' Campaign has assisted thousands of children with heart diseases, through the support of the board of Directors of Sharjah Charity International, SCI, by providing catheterisation and open heart surgeries.

The medical team for the 'Small Hearts' Campaign, which was launched by the Sharjah Charity International for Sudan and headed by Dr. Ahmed Al Kamali, Pediatric Heart consultant, completed 27 catheterisation operations on heart disease patients at the Heart Centre in Wad Medani, Sudan.

Al Kamal recalled that the surgeries were performed over four days, coinciding with International Day of the Heart, which falls on September 29 each year. He added cardiac catheterisation operations were performed for 27 patients, from newborns to 16 years old.

He also said that Sharjah Charity International’s office in the Republic of Sudan made commendable efforts in coordinating the medical arrangements, including medical check-ups.