Masood Khan Urges Creating Critical Awareness On Atrocities Taking Place In IOJK

Masood Khan urges creating critical awareness on atrocities taking place in IOJK

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that Pakistan is incomplete without Jammu and Kashmir and we will continue to strive for their liberation from Indian occupation

Rawalakot (Pakistan Point News - 18th Sep, 2020) Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that Pakistan is incomplete without Jammu and Kashmir and we will continue to strive for their liberation from Indian occupation. He urged using all resources within our reach to create a critical level of awareness of the atrocities taking place in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He expressed these views while addressing a public gathering at Azizabad, Thorar. The gathering was presided over by Mufti Makhdoom. Maulana Abdul Razzaq, Sardar Shaukat Mahmood, Sardar Tauseef Aziz, Sardar Janat, Abdul Hafeez, President Rawalkot Constituency IV PML-N Sardar Ashiq and Sardar Tahir also addressed the gathering.

The President said that we are grateful to be born in Azad Kashmir, where we are free to lead our lives as we will and have innumerable opportunities for development. He said that Poonch is the land of martyrs and Ghazis and we must continue this legacy in helping play our role for the liberation of the occupied portion of Jammu and Kashmir. He especially urged the youth to spearhead a communication revolution and reach to global peers and audiences by using social media platforms. “Vividly highlight the atrocities committed by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and the human rights violations being committed there. Young Kashmiris, by the thousands, have been arrested and Kashmiri women are being openly and dishonoured with impunity. Political activists, journalists and the Hurriyat leadership are all incarcerated”, he said.

The AJK President warned that India is rapidly turning the Muslim population of the occupied territory into a minority under the New Domicile Rules and said that if the world remains silent, the very identity of Kashmir will change in a matter of years.

The President told the youth that you have to be mentally and physically ready as India has imposed a war on us. India, he said, has placed illegally occupied a part of our area and it is likely that very soon we will have to take up arms to save our Kashmiri brothers and sisters from total extermination. He urged forging unity amongst our ranks to face the barbaric and evil moves of India.

The speakers presented demands to the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir regarding the construction and development of the area including establishment of BHUs, First Aid Posts, reconditioning of Bosagala road, construction of roads leading in and out of Azizabad, Lagiat, Balari, and Kherian. They also requested upgrading Azizabad Middle School to the status of high school.

The President said that to address the water scarcity a water-supply scheme has been planned for the people of Thorar from sources in Mouza Chaprri. He further said that reconstruction of Primary School in Bherian, Bosagala road and High School building will be ensured. The President also inaugurated the Bosagala to Azizabad road and the Upper Sangar to Beruta road.

A delegation from Chota Gala led by Sardar Waqas Aziz, during a meeting with the President said that the people of Chota Gala had provided land for the construction of Poonch University Chota Gala campus. They requested the early completion of the project and also said that roads may be constructed in and around the campus, which would also benefit the people of Chota Gala. The President assured the delegation that the said roads would be built and that construction of the campus will be completed soon.