Samsung Introduces Galaxy Z Fold 2 With Bigger Screen


Samsung introduces Galaxy Z Fold 2 with bigger screen

Glass cannot be folded but Galaxy Z Fold, a new smart phone with amazing features can be folded and easy to be kept in pockets.  

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-August 5th, 2020) ) samsung is also going to introduce Galaxy Z Fold 2 for the modern generation.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 has exclusive qualities that have left all other tech companies behind in the modern tech market across the world. It has mystic black and mystic brown while the body of Z Fold is thinner and there is also minimum gap between both parties but it is the latest exclusive device Samsung is working on.

Interestingly, it can easily be placed inside the pockets as it gets folded. With amazing features, especially with maximum screen for the customers, Galaxy Z fold is another milestone of the Samsung galaxy. It has the most advanced flexible look that provides users an uninterrupted experience. If we say that it is new catergory of smart-phones.

There is no doubt that glass cannot be folded but it is Galaxy Z Fold that can be folded. Samsung is unfolding more innovations in the modern tech era, with a promise of ensuring quality and standard.

The more information will be shared later on September 1.

Fida Hussnain

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