A 22-year Old Girl Shot Dead In A Lahore Hotel

A 22-year old girl shot dead in a Lahore Hotel

Lahore,(Pakistan Point News - 29 July,2016) : A 22-year-old girl shot herself in a Hotel situated near Mall Road. CCTV footage showed the girl Rabia Naseer entering in to Hotel lobby and listening on phone. She went to washroom and then a shotgun was heard. Duty staff found her dead body in washroom and a handgun was lying near her. Hotel administration immediately took the girl to a hospital where the doctors pronounced her death. Officials found a handgun magazine, a pack of cigarettes and some cash from her bag.

She sustained a single shot to the side of her head that went out through the other side. Initial investigations suggest the incident to be a suicide, but the question is why she took this step at the hotel. Family say Rabia was the only sister of four brothers and there seemed no reason for her to commit suicide. She was the captain of female cricket team at a local college and was also being trained as a cricket coach these days.