PEMRA Seeks Help From Federal Govt. And Law Enforcement Agencies

PEMRA Seeks help from Federal Govt. and Law Enforcement Agencies

Islamabad,(Pakistan Point News - 29 July,2016) : In Karachi, The Geo news Channel was put at the last numbers and it is now out of reach of people. In this matter The Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority has sought a help from federal Govt. and law enforcement agencies to act against the cable operators. According to a press release issued today by PEMRA, the authority's chairman Absar Alam has invoked Section 33-A of PEMRA Ordinance 2002, seeking "immediate assistance from Federal Government to take action against PEMRA law violators in Karachi.

PEMRA has requested the Federal Government to direct Law Enforcement Agencies (Sindh Rangers, Sindh Police, Intelligence Agencies) and provincial government Staff to provide immediate assistance to PEMRA to discharge its functions," said the press release. The statement said that the PEMRA chairman has written a letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asking him to "instruct Sindh Rangers, Sindh Police, Intelligence Agencies and Provincial Government to assist PEMRA in an action being initiated against those Cable Operators who have resorted to illegal disruption Geo News.