Nusra Front Splits From Al-Qaeda In Syria

Nusra Front splits from al-Qaeda in Syria

Syria,(Pakistan Point News - 29 July,2016) : The Syrian rebel group is going to be separated from al-Qaeda. Nusra Front aired a recording that said that Nusra Front is going to change its name and leaving al-Qaeda terror network. It made Russia and U.S confused. The United States, which considers Nusra a terrorist organization, immediately expressed its skepticism. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday the U.S. continues to assess that Nusra leaders intend to attack the West and said the U.

S.-led military campaign is focused on a number of extremist groups, including Nusra and the Islamic State group. But the step could complicate U.S. efforts in Syria. Without the al-Qaida name, the group will now seek to expand its alliances with other Syrian rebels, including relative moderates backed by Washington and its allies. Those factions may then oppose international airstrikes against Nusra fighters, arguing that they are now simply fellow rebels against President Bashar Assad, not an al-Qaida affiliate.